High Security Checks

Help protect your personal and business finances from check fraud, identity theft, and other crimes that compromise your bank accounts. Go beyond your standard checks with basic security measures and opt for High Security Checks suited for your personal, payroll, and expense needs.

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About Our High Security Checks

Standard personal and business checks have safety features to prevent fraud. However, with check fraud cases on the rise, it's no surprise that more individuals and business owners prefer High Security Checks that offer multiple layers of protection. With each additional security feature, your checks become more difficult to forge, duplicate, or copy.

Our personal checks are compatible with any banking account. Use these checks for your personal transactions or regular payments. First-time orders will receive a complimentary blue vinyl checkbook cover with their check pack.

Our High Security business checks are available in different voucher styles and up to three checks per page. These are compatible with most popular accounting and financial management software programs, including Quicken®, QuickBooks®, Xero™, and NetSuite. When used with our checks, these programs let you easily print out your check details instead of filling out each one manually.

Features of Our High Security Checks

These features make it harder to duplicate or forge your checks:

  • Foil Holograms and Fluorescent Fibers: Every check features a top foil hologram bar that can't be reproduced with regular printing methods. The check also has fluorescent fibers that appear under black light.
  • Anti-Forgery Designs: The front and back of your checks feature intricate designs and micro-printed words that make it difficult to forge using ordinary printing methods. The colorful design also distorts when photocopied.
  • Anti-Photocopying Measures: Each check has watermarks and pantographs on the front and back that will appear on the copied or scanned image, indicating that it's a copy of the original check.
  • Security Paper: Checks are printed on quality security paper that stains when typical tampering chemicals are used on the check.

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