Payroll Checks

Keep track of your payroll for your business operations and your employee records. With our business payroll checks, keeping a paper trail of your employees' payroll ensures you can easily record how much you pay your employees for every payroll cutoff. Stay organized and manage your employee's checks with Walmart Check's range of payroll check products.
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About Our Payroll Checks

Our payroll checks feature a standard check compatible with all financial institutions. These come in five professional designs - Blue, Green, Yellow, Antique, and Venetian - and can be personalized to feature your business' banking information and logo.

Attached to each payroll check are detachable stubs for your and your employees' record keeping. These come with pre-printed deduction captions for the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), Federal, State, and City Withholding Tax. There?s also an extra line to record any additional deductions.

Features of Our Payroll Checks

  • Single and Duplicate Checks: Payroll checks are available in single and duplicate styles. Single checks come with standard printed checks and detachable stubs. Duplicate checks have carbon copy paper under each check, providing you with additional record keeping of the checks you've written. Duplicate payroll checks come with a clear vinyl writing flap.
  • Hourly, Salary, and General Payroll Checks: Our payroll checks are available with three stub types to accommodate the typical deductions for each kind of paycheck, plus an additional line for any other deductions from your business. These stubs can be personalized with your business name. All three types of payroll checks are available in five aesthetic designs: Blue, Green, Yellow, Antique, and Venetian.
  • Upgrade to High-Security Checks: Protect your business and your employees from check fraud and identity theft by using High-Security Checks with over 29 unique security features. These can be used and function just like our regular payroll checks but contain more than the standard security measures for every check.
  • Optional CheckSafe Fraud Service: Your payroll checks can be secured against fraud and identity theft that can harm your business or employees by opting for CheckSafe for all your payroll checks. For up to a whole year, your checks receive additional protection against incidents of fraud. CheckSafe works with businesses, financial institutions, and individuals to resolve the issue on your behalf.

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