Laser Wallet Checks

We present our exclusive range of Laser Wallet Checks. These wallet-size checks are designed with the utmost attention to convenience and functionality. They offer a perfect blend of portability and versatility, fitting effortlessly in a wallet while being compatible with both laser and inkjet printers.

In a world that values compact, efficient solutions, our Laser Wallet Checks fit the bill. They measure precisely 6" x 2-5/6", compact enough to slip into a wallet yet large enough to capture all necessary information. Each sheet is an 8-1/2" x 11" three-panel sheet consisting of checks and stub, ideal for both personal and business transactions.

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Tailored to Your Taste

Our Laser Wallet Checks come in a variety of appealing designs, each catering to distinct tastes:

  • Blue Safety:Our classic design symbolizes simplicity and functionality.
  • Baroque: For those who value style and sophistication, our intricate Baroque design is a perfect match.
  • Green Safety: This vibrant design stands out, adding a pop of color to your transactions.
  • Antique: Embodying a sense of history and tradition, our Antique design is a timeless choice.
  • HighTech: For those with a contemporary aesthetic, our sleek HighTech design is ideal.
  • NeoClassic: Blending old and new, NeoClassic is perfect for those who value both tradition and innovation.
  • Park Avenue Representing class and elegance, our Park Avenue design is the epitome of high-end style.

Personalization at Its Best

All our checks come with customization options. You can choose a designer type style and add message lines over the signature line, with up to 4 lines of personalization. Make your checks truly your own with our customizable Laser Wallet Checks.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Our wallet-size checks meet and exceed all specifications required by the American Bankers Association. This guarantees acceptance by all financial institutions, giving you peace of mind with every transaction.

Choose Walmart Checks for your Laser Wallet Checks needs. We bring you high-quality, laser printed checks, and inkjet printed checks that are as unique as you are.

Explore our collection today, and find the perfect design that speaks to your personal or business aesthetic. Simplify your financial transactions without compromising on style with our convenient, efficient checks.