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Stock up on all-purpose checks compatible with laser printers and inkjet printers. Quickly produce checks for personal or business use with our laser voucher printer checks. Our laser business checks are available in regular and high-security types and come in various designs to meet your personal or business needs.

About Our Laser Checks

Our laser checks are letter-sized sheets featuring standard-sized checks between the detachable blank top and bottom voucher panels. Laser checks are available as standard checks and security checks, all available in various designs.

These checks are suitable for general use and compatible with most accounting software, such as Sage and Microsoft Dynamics. Users can print out the information on the checks using laser and inkjet printers instead of manually filling up the data. The top and bottom voucher panels can be used for tracking, itemization, and record-keeping.

Our laser checks meet the quality standards and specifications required by the American Bankers Association. All types and designs are guaranteed to be accepted by all financial institutions. You can personalize your checks to have your bank details, designer typestyle, logo, and custom message over the signature line.

Features of Our Laser Checks

Our laser voucher checks are available in two types:

  • Regular Laser Business Checks: These are your standard general-use checks. Personalize your checks with your bank information and customize the typestyle, stock logo, and custom message. Choose from six elegant designs (Antique, Baroque Blue, Neo Classic Gold, Blue Marble, Green Marble, and Park Avenue), or choose from four colors from our range of safety checks.
  • High-Security Laser Checks: Available in tan, purple, blue, green, and burgundy, these checks offer more security measures than the standard check. Our checks have 30 security features ranging from heat-sensitive ink, visible and invisible fluorescent fibers, foil holograms, and other measures in the front and back of the check to deter fraudulent activity.
Provide an additional layer of security for your laser voucher checks by opting for extra protection from CheckSafe Fraud Service. You can protect your checks from fraud for up to a year of coverage. If your checks are used for fraud and identity theft, CheckSafe can provide you with a Certified Check Fraud Specialist to work on your behalf to resolve the matter.

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