Eco-Friendly & Cause Related Checks

Our "green" checks printing facts

  • Our eco-friendly checks are printed on recycled paper containing 30% post-consumer fiber using only soy-based inks.
  • The supplier of Walmart Check Printing's check base stock and duplicate paper are members of the Forest Stewardship Council ( This means that they abide by rules pertaining to responsible harvesting and reforestation when printing earth-friendly, "green" checks.
  • All of the inks used by Walmart Check Printing are soy-based rather than petroleum-based. In addition, we have discontinued the use of isopropyl alcohol in the fountain solution in our web printing plants to reduce the emission of volatile organic compounds.
  • In addition to printing eco-friendly checks, Walmart Check Printing uses recycled fiber in its check boxes and buys corrugated paper from sources that use recycled content.
  • Our plant waste is shredded and recycled.
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